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Best Youth Catcher’s Gear

By Bat Digest

Updated October 10, 2023

For the budding catchers aiming to emulate the prowess of legends like Yadier Molina or Buster Posey, one of the steps in this journey is getting equipped with the best catcher’s gear. The right equipment elevates the performance and ensures the safety of the young athletes on the field. The primary components of a catcher's gear set include a helmet/mask, chest protector, and leg guards, each designed meticulously to offer the right blend of comfort, protection, and durability. We take a look at some of the best on the market today.

Among the options available, certain brands have emerged as favorites. All-Star, known for its quality and variety, offers sets ranging from $130 to $350, providing many color combinations and patterns. We consider it the 'best youth catcher gear' although expensive. Rawlings, another stalwart in baseball, provides sets from the $100 range up to almost $200 for kids, albeit with fewer color options. But you also have options from Easton, Mizuno and Boombah that can work.

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Updated October 10, 2023
We updated this article in the fall of 2023 with eyes on the best youth catcher's gear.
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Best Youth Catcher’s Gear

In Sum

Investing in a high-quality catcher's gear set is an indispensable step towards ensuring the safety and augmenting the performance of young catchers. The market offers various options catering to different preferences and budget ranges. Brands like All-Star, Rawlings, Easton, and Mizuno have proven reliable choices, each offering standard features and benefits. Consider the balance between cost, protection, and comfort.
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