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Bat Digest is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Learn More.

Bat Digest is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Learn More.

Best WIFFLE ® Ball Bat | Plastic Dingers

Best WIFFLE ® Ball Bat | Plastic Dingers

March 21, 2022 | by Brian Duryea | @BatDigest

We’ve tested more Wiffle ball bats than we care to admit. But, after a good summer of testing, we think the best Wiffle Ball bat is the Blitzball Bat.


We like its length, balance, durability, and the fact you can find it in many places.

Check these best blitzball hits.

Of course, traditionalists will call us out on the Wiffle Ball bat. Indeed, “Wiffle” ball bats are actually WIFFLE® ball bats. WIFFLE® (all capitals) is the brand name of mainly plastic baseball bats and plastic balls.

Best Wiffle Ball Bats

In the purest form, the best Wiffle ball bat is the ONLY WIFFLE® ball bat. There can be no other one. But…we still like the Blitzball better.

Best Wiffle Ball Bats

1 WIFFLE® Ball Bat $$
2 Slugger C271 $$
3 Blitzball Bat $$
4 Easton PRO Stix $$
5 Moonshot KSCX $$$$$$
6 LOCOBat $$
7 Palisades WBL 36″ $$$
8 Junk Ball Bat $$
9 Cal Ripken Quickball Bat $$

If we had more money than sense (or cents then sense, as they say), the moonshot KSCX is a fantastic choice. It is a full composite, the single-piece bat made specifically for playing Wiffle Ball. It only, cough, runs $200.

1. Louisville C271 (The Ken Griffey, Jr. Bat)

Best Wiffle Ball Bats

This replica of the infamous bat used by the iconic Ken Griffey, Jr. is comprised of injection-molded plastic. Due to its construction, it is a very durable piece of equipment that is void of compromising mass. It measures in at a length of 33 inches, providing an adequate reach across any strike zone. Unfortunately, the bat does possess a slight bend, but it does not appear to affect its performance in any way. Also, do note that there is a slight wobble if it is swung hard.

2. Blitzball Bat

Best Wiffle Ball Bat

The Blitzball bat is the same as the Louisville C271. The only difference is the color; this bat is blue. This is a bat that provides excellent feel and balance as well as impressive pop. Just as will the Griffey bat, there is a slight curvature, but performance is not hindered.

3. Easton Pro Stix 1000

This single piece of medium-hard plastic and the injection-molded plastic bat is attractive while delivering a good pop and distance. This is a bat that does not compromise mass while being impressively rigid.

4. Moonshot KSCX Revolution

This is a bat that is widely contended to be one of the greatest on the planet. With a straight face, it really costs $200. It is lost on us who would spend $200 on a WIFFLE® ball bat. Then again, the person reading this has now spent considerable time finding this page and reading this article. So, maybe it’s you?

The Moonshot is comprised of an inner core made of thin, rigid carbon fiber and an outer shell that is flexible carbon, kevlar, and spectra. The bat’s neck is wrapped in carbon to create a whip that is both flexible and firm. The large barrel makes hitting the ball a breeze. Current owners state that the entire barrel is nothing more than a sweet spot.

It does need to be noted that the Moonshot Revolution KSCX Revolution is slightly heavier than most other bats. This can create a reduced swing speed.

5. LocoBat

Best Wiffle Ball Bats

This bat is two pieces, meaning a Screwball plastic barrel and a cingula piece wood handle. Several players enjoy the screwball barrel, which the LocoBat can make great use of. The way it is made guarantees a highly solid feel as well as an impeccable feel. Transversely, the sticker of the bat is less than favorable.

6. Palisades Wiffle Ball League GTSOH 36”

This is a three-piece bat constructed of an injection-molded plastic, a wooden handle, and knob and medium-hard plastic. This is an impeccably constructed WIFFLE® ball bat that is quite sturdy. It measures in at a length of 36 inches. The length is ideal for capturing curveballs, trying hard to allude you. The only noted issue with the bat is the fact that the barrel is soft. This could cause it to flatten [slightly] after a handful of hits.

7. Junk Ball Bat

The Junk Ball is made up of a plastic sleeve (referred to as the sweet spot sleeve) and injection-molded plastic. The solid singular construction incorporates thicker plastic walls for durability and stability. The bat’s unique shape delivers users with a great feel during a swing. Within the middle of the barrel, a band provides an enhanced boost while hitting a ball. A con for this bat is the fact that the handle tends to be a bit skinny. This causes a slight wobble while swinging. Additionally, the bat’s measures in at a short 32 inches, and the barrel measures in at 2 inches.

8. Cal Ripken Quickball Bat

Best Wiffle Ball Bat

The Quickball Bat comes with six quick balls that are harder and smaller than the “all holes balls.” Additionally, the bat gives users great distance and pop. The only true flaw of this bat is its length, which is 30 inches total.

Legal WIFFLE® Ball Bats

If a particular bat is legal in your WIFFLE® ball league, you will need to check with them. And before you guffaw, we are not kidding about the fact that there really are big-time WIFFLE® ball leagues. Each has its own set of standards regarding the diameter, length, and material that can make up a WIFFLE® ball bat. Some are very lax, others not so much.

Modified WIFFLE® Ball Bats

Modified WIFFLE® ball bats are quite the thing. In fact, a quick search on YouTube shows several fun summer projects for the kids. Here was one of our favorites:

Items Needed to Modify a WIFFLE® Ball Bat

Custom WIFFLE® Ball Bats

Of course, the idea of modifying your WIFFLE® ball bat is as much to do with your creation as it is anything else. As a summertime project for a kid looking to impress the girls, we say go big or go home. Take, for example, this modified WIFFLE® ball-bat built after the Easton MAKO.

Where to Plastic Baseball Bats?

WIFFLE® ball bats are ubiquitous. Check Wal-Mart, Check your local grocery store and it is likey they carry that product, or something close to it, in their toy isle. In terms of pure price savings, then Wal-Mart is likely the best place. You can also go the Amazon route if you do not want to leave your house.You likely intended to gather from an article titled this one as the best plastic bat for hitting dinger with a plastic baseball. And, that said, baseball also has some holes in it. (Note, too, that a WIFFLE® ball only has holes on one side. That ball is also a patented design which can only be a WIFFLE®). The below is our list of best WIFFLE® ball bats in order of how much we, and others, liked them.


Burk says:

No Gamechanger or Gamechanger Elite? I’d place it above the Palisades and the Locobat.

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