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Last Updated: October 11, 2023

Are you looking for the best Wiffle ball bat? After more research and testing than we'd like to admit, we got you covered

We've tested more Wiffle ball bats than we care to admit. But, after a good summer of testing, we think the best Wiffle Ball bat is the Blitzball Bat. If we had more money than sense, then the Moonshot line is a fantastic choice. It is a full composite, the single-piece Bat explicitly made for playing Wiffle Ball. It only, cough, runs $300.

We like the Blitzball's length, balance, durability, and the fact you can find it in many places.

Of course, traditionalists will call us out on the Wiffle Ball bat. Indeed, "Wiffle" ball bats are WIFFLE® ball bats. WIFFLE® (all capitals) is the brand name for mainly plastic baseball bats and plastic balls.

In the purest form, the best Wiffle ball bat is the ONLY WIFFLE® ball bat. There can be no other one. But we still like the Blitzball better.  

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Best WIFFLE ® Ball Bat | Plastic Dingers

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