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The Best Sunflower Seeds

By Bat Digest

Updated October 9, 2023

We surveyed our readers, here are the best sunflower seeds on the market today.

After thousands of votes and several personal taste tests, we think the Spitz Cracked Pepper is the best sunflower seed. We captured over 100,000 head-to-head votes in a pick 'em type functionality. We found that Spitz Cracked Pepper won more than any other on the list. That said, Bigs Pepper and Sea Salt was a legitimate second, with the classic and original tasting David Originals in 3rd place. In truth, there are plenty of great sunflower seeds out there. But, we think our list is as legit and defendable as any.

What We Cover
Updated October 9, 2023
We've added Chinook Seedery to our list at number 9 but kept the Spitz Black Pepper as the #1 spot for the best sunflower seeds. Many smaller vendors trying to break into the seed space, but the big boys (Bigs, Spitz, David) still rule the dance. Since Black Pepper Spitz always gets plenty of great reviews and is widely available, we keep them in our top spot.
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The Best Sunflower Seeds

In Sum

Lots of great sunflower seed options out there, but we like the Spitz Cracked pepper best. After that, if you want Original, go David, then some Pickle flavor from Biggs. Better yet, try them all.
54581, 54582, 54583, 54584, 54585, 54586
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