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Best Looking Bat Grips

We reviewed the Lizard Skin Grip a few months back (before they became wildly popular in the MLB). We recently ran a user-generated vote which ranked the lineup of Lizard Skin bat grips by the one which “looked the best.” We ran this through the holiday and gathered 14,000 votes. It may be, we are sure it is, the most robust data ever gathered on user preferences for what their bat grip looks like.

The Best Looking Bat Grip

On the whole, compared to other readers’ choice awards we’ve run here on the site, the voting was much closer. We saw several different grips at the top of the list throughout the competition. In our head-to-head match ups, even the ‘worst’ grips still were preferred no less than 40% of the time. The winning grips were preferred no more than 60% of the time. Meaning even the “least” attractive grips were preferred at least 4 out of 10 times to any other grip design and the best no more than 6 out of 10.

We also noticed the America Theme played very well within the bat grip wars, as we affectionately referred to them. Patriot Camo, Dynamite Camo, and other red, white and blue themes tended to win more often than they lost—and in such a neck-and-neck competition, that was all it took.

Additionally, camo grips ruled the day. 8 of the top 10 designs were camo designs. As such, the best-looking bat grip on the market today was a camo-based American theme: Dynamite Camo. It’s a smooth-looking Camo with a white base and Red and Blue. This color would look fantastic on black, silver, and brown colored sticks (and just about any other type too).

Best Looking Bat Grip

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We noticed two other things: 6 of the bottom ten designs (and 4 of the bottom 5) were solid-colored grips. For whatever reason, folks tended to prefer solid color grip designs the least when compared to two-tone and camo colors. Also, most two-tone grips sat squarely in the middle of the pack—not liked as much as Camo on average—but also preferred more than single-tone colors.

The Best Looking NON-Camo Bat Grip

Best Looking Bat Grip

The best-looking two-tone grip (and the #5 overall liked grip) was the Lizard Skin Grip, which looks the most like a Lizard. Accurate swamp-like colors in this green and black two-tone grip come in 0.8, 1.1, and 1.8mm thicknesses. Lizard Skin, the company, doesn’t give any particular names to their grips outside the obvious, and, as such, this is called the Black Green Grip. We’d like to see this named The Swamp Grip and, regardless of their packaging, will heretofore call it such.

Great looking two-tone grip for sure.

The Best Looking Solid Color Bat Grip

The Best Looking Bat Grip

Only two NON-Camo grips broke the top 9. The Swamp Grip above (at #5) and this Neon Grip at #7 beat out the love of Camo in many eyes. We’ve used the Neon Grip on a few bats before and are sure kids’ eyes gravitate toward this one immediately. It does get dirty rather quickly, but that only adds to its mystique and ruggedness—excellent looking grip.

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The 2nd Best Looking Bat Grip

Best Looking Bat Grip

2nd place, and oh so close to 1st, was this brief Black Camo look from Lizard Skins. This is the Cookies and Milk Grip design was our personal favorite. It comes in the standard 0.8, 1.1, and 1.8mm sizes and looks good on any bat you can imagine. It couldn’t beat out the wow factor and pop of a multi-colored Americana-themed camo grip, but in practice, we’d wager this cookie and milk camo would look better on any random bat you could find on the market. 2nd place is a very respectable finish among so many great choices.

The Entire Ranking List of Best-Looking Bat Grips

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