Best Online Hitting Coach

Last Updated: January 22, 2024

One of our favorite things to say about bats is that you can’t fix a $4 swing with a $500 bat. But if the bat won’t fix that $4 swing, what will? We set out to find the best online hitting instruction for every type of swing.

We surveyed over 300 readers and users of different hitting services. We also spent 40 hours perusing the sites, their content, and online reviews of dozens of hitting instructions and outlets. Online hitting instruction generally falls under two categories:

  • Self-Guided Programs or Courses for Skill Development
  • Swing Analysis Services with Personal Feedback to Develop Your Hitter
After polling our readers, below is a summary of your ten most used resources for online hitting instruction. This list includes examples of both self-guided and swing analysis services.

Best Online Hitting Coach

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