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Best Athletic Cups

By Bat Digest

Updated October 12, 2023

Best Athletic Cup

We took 4 popular athletic cups and tested them for protection, value and comfort. We filled the cups with grapes (from Costco) and shot balls from our pitching machine at 55mph from 5 feet away. We then measured which cup kept the most grapes undamaged. We found the inexpensive McDavid cup to do the best in terms of keeping the most grapes unbroken. However, that determination has little to do with cup comfort, which might be a bigger factor.

Amazon reviews and our experience show that the Diamond MMA feels the best while wearing it. The Nutty Buddy gets high marks too when it comes to comfort. But, in terms of overall protection, we give the award to the McDavid cup.

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Updated October 12, 2023
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Best Athletic Cups

In Sum

So, there you have it. The best athletic cups. Hopefully, this gets you on your journey to finding the right fit for you.
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