The backspin tee is a hitting device that hangs a baseball over the plate to reveal the part of the baseball that should be hit. The pro model also puts the ball at an angle like it would if it were being pitched. These are advantages over traditional tees which hold the ball over the plate and, at least some, cover the part of the ball which should be struck.

Best Batting Tee

Contact with the bottom of the ball AND the right swing path create optimally struck balls. This is why the Backspin tee has won awards, gets great reviews and is at the practice fields many MLB and College teams.

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Where to buy the Backspin Tee?

As Backspin increases their distribution, the best place we found to buy the device is on Amazon here. You can also check out the Backspin Tee’s website. Looks like pricing is the same in both places. Our experience with smaller vendors is the deals will more likely be found on their site than on Amazon who, of course, takes their cut.

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Does the Backspin Tee Really Work?

Generally, we think the question does the backspin tee really work likely misunderstands the point of the backspin tee. You can hit a ball off a traditional tee with the same angle and spin that you could with a backspin tee.

But, the point of the backspin tee is to present the ball more replicable of a real pitch that requires a successful swing plane. The backspin tee suspends the ball at the angle of a pitch and exposes the part of the ball that should be hit for success. While  traditional tee replicates a perfectly flat pitch (which never happens) and holds on to the ball about right where contact should occur.

In that sense, the Backspin Tee works perfectly. It is a revolution for a product that most never dreamed could be improved.

Q&A With Backspin Tee

We spent some time exchanging emails with the folks at Backspin tee. These are the questions we honestly had, and their answers are candid and useful.

Why Does This Work?

The benefit of an upside down tee is probably one that is not common knowledge. A suspended ball in the air being held in any fashion has no benefit over each other. Its what is being covered and where the rubber is placed is where the benefit really shines.

When you a batter hits the top half of the ball on a normal tee, they hit all ball, and hit a ground ball. In a cage, they might think this is a good result. Off our tee, if you hit the top half of the ball (the part of the ball the pitcher wants you to hit) you hit our rubber cone and get immediate negative feedback to change.

On the flip side, if you hit the bottom half of the ball on our tee you hit nothing but the ball with positive feedback. Of course, on a normal tee you might be hitting the rubber on bottom half of the ball hits and then getting a negative feel.

Also, for good hitters consistently hitting the bottom half of the ball you will wear out the rubber possibly quicker on normal tees meaning you will have to financially replace the cones in the future.

Our Lifetime Warranty will never put this as an issue for our customers.

How does the ball stick in the tee?

The ball holds in the cone with surface tension. You simply turn the ball into the rubber cone allowing the rubber to physically squeeze down onto the ball. The only people that have issues with this are the ones trying to push and jam the ball up into the rubber. Its a very simple and easy loading process. Our customers are very pleased with this function.

Baseball or Softball?

We use different size cones for both baseball and softball cones, but they are very easy to transition between when needed.

Backspin Tee Focus

The BackSpin Tee’s focus is to produce an on plane swing path, and hitting the correct part of the ball with that swing path. When you hit the bottom half of the ball with a good swing plane, you automatically will produce a desired line drive launch angle (yes, that means in the air) and it will result in having the proper amount of backspin. Remember, backspin is a result of where you hit on the ball, not something you can add more or less of on command.

Do tradition tees produce more topspin?

A traditional tee does not produce more topspin because their rubber is under the ball. However, exposing the part of the ball that you don’t want to hit could and has caused hitters trouble when trying to hit what they are aiming at. Ex. “Staying on top of the ball”.

Different Models

Our Pro Model is infinitely adjustable by the millimeter. It weighs 18lbs, and is very easy to break down into its three parts. It also comes with a Launch Angle Chart, and a laser cut carrying handle.

The Youth/Pre Game Model breaks down into 2 pieces, weighs 10lbs, and is not adjustable. It is set to hold the ball 26″ above the ground.

Target Market

This tee is designed for any serious ball player that wants to be more perfect in their training. You won’t mis-hit on our tees and enjoy it. You are challenged to swing fast, and precise. Having said that we have tee sales from ages of 7 year olds to the Major Leagues.

Pro or College Teams Usage

There are tees in 29 of the 30 MLB Teams that we are aware of, and hundreds of colleges in both baseball and softball.

Bat Seats, What?

Our Bat Seats are for sale on our website, and our customers love them! Very practical, and user friendly on their bats.