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Ball Gear Reviews and Ratings

Over the years we’ve used a lot of baseball and softball gear. Below represents the articles we’ve written in the realm of ball gear.

Chinook Seedery Review | The Best Seeds You’ve Never Heard Of

Running a baseball and softball bat site brings with it a few perks, not the least of which is speak …(Read More)

Custom Bat Knob Competition

JustBats started a bat knob contest that could land you $200 and some notoriety. We thought it cool …(Read More)

VukGripz Review

We put VukGripz on a bat and hit with it among several different hitters to write this review. In sh …(Read More)

Smart Coach Pocket Radar Review

The Pocket Radar Ball Coach has been on our holiday gift guide for 2 years running. It might be run …(Read More)

Garmin Impact Bat Swing Sensor Review

We used the Garmin Impact Bat Sensor for several weeks among several different hitters on several di …(Read More)

Easton Jaw Guard | C Flaps For Youth

Easton’s Jaw Guard was made popular during the LLWS due to its visibility. And, turns out, it likely …(Read More)

3+ Baseball Helmet Face Guards

If you have seen any MLB games this season you’ve seen a new piece of face guard protection for play …(Read More)

Backspin Tee Reviews | Does It Really Work?

The backspin tee is a hitting device that hangs a baseball over the plate to reveal the part of the …(Read More)

2 Real Scouting College Spray Charts | Would You Shift?

Out of pure delight, we got access to two real and professionally made college baseball spray charts …(Read More)

VARO Silicone Bat Grip Review

Varo baseball released a new bat grip and it is something we’ve never seen before. It’s like a combi …(Read More)

3 Reasons Why We Love Pocket Radar Ball Coach

Let’s put this simply. Since buying baseball and softball gadgetry during the last 10 years NOTHING …(Read More)

Baseball Thumb Guard: What are MLB Thumb Rings?

Let us guess, you were watching a game on TV and you noticed an MLB batter’s thumb ring. Wait, you a …(Read More)

Swingrail Review

We took some hacks with the Swingrail, had a few hitters try it out, and read every online review we …(Read More)

Baseball Hitting Aids | 15 Devices To Make Better Hitters

There are a ton of hitting aid options on the market to help your player become a better hitter, so …(Read More)

Youth Pitcher Head Protection | Options, Ratings, Why Not?

Batting helmet’s were not used consistently until the 1940’s and were not mandatory until 1983. It w …(Read More)

Blast Vision App Review | Make Tee Work Fun Again

The Blast Vision App is software that uses your phone’s camera to plot the distance, speed and launc …(Read More)

Pro Glider Bat Review | Best Hitting Training Aid? Possibly

As a player, I was always looking for ways to keep my swing locked in. But over the course of an eig …(Read More)

ATEC T3 Batting Tee and My Tee Routine

As I’ve mentioned in previous articles, there are three traits shared by all successful hitters: 1. …(Read More)

Youth Catcher’s Gear

So your kid is going to darn the ‘tools of ignorance’?  While this idea can be both exciting and ner …(Read More)

Atec Pitching Machine Reviews | M1, M2 & More

Repetition, pinpoint accuracy, total control of speed, mastery of pitch type… these are areas that …(Read More)

Power Up Wedge Review | Best Training Aid Under $50?

By Ian RandlesThere is an abundance of baseball training aids on the market, and the price range var …(Read More)

Custom Catching Gear | Matching vs Custom Recommendations

By Blake Muir If you’ve ever seen a kid behind the plate with sweet customized catcher’s gear, you m …(Read More)

The Rope Trainer Pitching Tool | Arm Hurt from Throwing

By Jason Wilson One of the most precious things in a parent’s life is their child.  When a child pla …(Read More)

Rapsodo Review | Baseball & Softball Launch Monitor Tests

We have spent over 15 hours with the Rapsodo Hitting Monitor. In that time, we have recorded at leas …(Read More)

Hitting Vault Review | Drills, Videos, Is Lisle Worth It?

We spend several hours each week behind the Hitting Vault’s paywall, and over the course of that tim …(Read More)

Wilson A1010 Baseballs | Blem Wholesale Reviews

Plate Crate Review | Subscription Baseball Presents

We took a spin with plate crate, the subscription based monthly box of baseball goodies. You pay jus …(Read More)

Diamond Kinetics Review | Vs. Zepp 2 & Blast Motion | JBR

We have now spent time with the Diamond Kinetics Sensor, Zepp Labs Swing Analytics and the Blast Mot …(Read More) Review | Insights on the World’s Largest Bat Vendor

Before Bat Digest was Bat Digest, it used to be called JustBatReviews. Although uncommon, we sometim …(Read More)

Marucci Catchers Gear Set Review: Mark 1 Memory Foam

If you are serious about your catcher’s gear then it is likely, indeed recommended, you put Marucci’ …(Read More)

Blast Motion Baseball Review: Compared to Zepp Labs

The Blast Motion Sensor for baseball and softball is a device that attaches to the bottom of your ba …(Read More)

VARO Baseball Bat Weight Review

Our VARO Baseball bat weight (Amazon Price Check) review comes after 10 hours of use with the specia …(Read More)

Boombah Bag Reviews

If you’ve ever met someone who has a Boombah bat bag then you know these bags are LOVED. And I mean …(Read More)

Mizuno MP ELITE Wheel Bag Review: A Pocket for everything, seriously.

Mizuno makes everything, and they tend to make everything well. They happen to make a pretty impress …(Read More)

DeMarini Black OPS Wheeled Bag Review: The Cadillac of Gear Bags

DeMarini makes a fantastic high end bag for travel players. It has everything you could ever want in …(Read More)

Zepp Baseball Review — Real Time Analyzer: So What?

Zepp Labs lost a patent infringement case against Blast Motion. As such, they can’t sell the Basebal …(Read More)

Lizard Skin Bat Tape | A Lizard Skin Grip Review

We’ve used Lizard Skin grips on bats for the last five years. Although they now have competition, th …(Read More)