We put VukGripz on a bat and hit with it among several different hitters to write this review. In short, the VukGripz feel is different than any grip on the market. Small microfibers pointing outwards on the grip give your hands a floating feel. That loose grip encourages quicker hands and a faster bat speed.

As well, the bat grip works well wet. The VukGripz tackiness is derived from its unique fiber structure not from the materials tackiness. This means the grip will (1) work in all weather and (2) last a lot longer than other traditional rubber/synthetic type grips.

Do we like it? Well, read below for more details. But, as a hint, it did make our gift guide for baseball players.

Where to Buy VukGripz

Find the best price here on Amazon or here on the VukGripz site.

VukGripz Results

VukGripz Review

For bat speed, we weren’t able to measure any differences with our Garmin Impact sensor. But, we don’t think that, or any swing speed analyzer, accurate enough to measure small differences in swing speed.

Loose hands do increase bat speed. And an encouragement or reminder from your grip to keep your hands loose is useful.¬†Our general sentiment is a more confident bat grip will give them a faster swing than any actual tech in the grip, but that’s just a guess.

On the whole, our hitters liked the feel. The comments were:

  • “Weird, but good”
  • “It feels super slick when you rub it, but there is a ton of traction when you grip it.”

All Weather Grip

VukGripz Review

What might be the grip’s most unique feature is it’s lack of response to weather. That is, a wet VukGripz feels the same as a dry VukGripz. Wet doesn’t effect it like the Lizard Skins of the world–which keep their grip based on the materials tackiness. But, the VukGripz brilliance is centered in the grips unique structure. The small fibers pointing outwards on the grip are not effected by wet. As such, the grip delivers consistent traction in any condition.

VukGripz Recommendations

On the whole, the grip is recommendable. Those who play in a lot of wet weather should give it a try. As well, those looking for something different will really like it. It really is like no grip you’ve tried before. As well, if you hate how your grip, even the nice ones, loose their tackiness overtime then we think you’ll fall in love with the VukGripz.

We did struggle to put the grip on an asymmetrical knob. Not just an Axe bat, but even a wood at with a big tapered knob. We think the lack of stretch in the grip didn’t allow us to compensate for the fact the handle wasn’t a perfect cylinder. For bat’s with a perfect cylinder along the handle (most aluminum and composite bats) the grip went as easy as any other grip.