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Bat Digest is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Learn More.

Bat Digest is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Learn More.

Brian Duryea

CEO of

Brian Duryea is a dad, coach, and self-proclaimed bat aficionado who manages and owns  Since 2015 (and previously known as, Brian writes reviews and commentary on bats in the baseball, fastpitch, and softball industry. Previous to managing this site, he earned a bachelor’s in economics from Brigham Young University and worked in financial and medical sales. He now manages this site full time and teaches public school secondary education in Davis County, Utah.

Site Ethics

Dear Reader,

Bat Digest is best described as a very busy daddy blog. It began as a search for the right bat for my then 9-year-old son. We found two bats separated by a year from the same company that looked all but the same except for the $100 price difference. Wondering how two very similar looking bats could be so different in price, we bought both. After weighing and measuring the best we knew how then, we wrote our first review on the website:

Although our protocols and data capabilities have increased dramatically from that first review, our sentiments have not. We are obsessed with finding the truth about baseball and fastpitch bats.

How We Test Bats

Today, we have hit every bat reviewed on this site. Our bat evaluation process is performed by multiple hitters. It includes ball flight exit speeds, swing weights, barrel sizes, ball cannon testing and other metrics. Most of our data is captured via Rapsodo, HitTrax, Pocket Radar, and/or a ball cannon we had custom made for our site.

Bat companies are not allowed on-site when we test and captured bat data. We do, though, often spend time directly with the company or their salespeople getting the “pitch” on why they think this bat is good. But our reviews are our reviews, not theirs.

We do not accept cash payment to review bats. We never promise a good review for anything of value. However, we do accept bats in exchange for reviews, good or bad, on our site. The vast majority of bat companies send us their bats without reservation—knowing full well we will write exactly what we think. We intend to review every performance bat. But, bats that are sent to us for free get priority. Those we have to purchase, are usually relegated to the end of our review calendars.

Roughly 80% of the bats we review on this site are sent to us for free. The other 20% are bought at either discount from major vendors or the full price on any given bat outlet site. In most cases, we sell the bats we test, without a warranty on the used market.

Free bats make up less than 10% of the income we make from this site.

Affiliate Marketing

The bulk of the income generated from this site comes from affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is the process by which online vendors pay us a percentage of the sale when our readers click to their site from ours and end up purchasing. The reader’s price does not increase. Instead, vendors count those affiliate payments as part of their costs. Affiliate payout rates are usually between 4% and 10%.

There are at least two specific disclosures we are required to make to be a part of the affiliate program:

  • As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases.
  • As an eBay Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases.

Google Ads

As might be obvious by now, we also make money directly from ads on our site. These are placed here through Google’s massive ad network and are based, in part at least, by your web browsers history. We only control the placement of those ads, not the ads themselves. Those ads’ content is often determined by a tracking cookie left on your browser that Google reads when you access this site and delivers tailored ads.

We do NOT require you have cookies turned on or ads allowed to visit this site. But in no small measure, it is how the “free” content on this site gets paid for.

The best way to reach me is at

Our Mission

Bat Digest delivers reliable, consistent, and objective data-based opinions on baseball and fastpitch bats. With an extensive knowledge of bat and ball physics as well as the resources to gather objective bat performance data, we serve as a mooring post for consumers in the ever-changing perception of bat performance.