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We’ve reviewed over 1,000 bats from 2015-2024, capturing scores of exit velocities and feedback performances. Much of that data is captured in our reviews.


BBCOR are college and high school level approved bats ranging in size from 29 to 34 inches. The variety here is astounding although, surprising to most, they aren’t much that different.

BBCOR Reviews


USSSA Bats are youth level bats approved for specific leagues. These are generally thought of as ‘hotter’ than their rival USA bats and can have bigger max diameters.

USSSA Reviews


USA Bats are youth level bats approved for specific leagues (like the Little League World Series). They are less popular than USSSA bats and have performance more in line with BBCOR and wood bats.

USA Reviews


We’ve reviewed hundreds of fastpitch bats over the years. It’s a smaller market but the bats are just as serious and we find that parents don’t seem interested in holding back their wallets when it comes to their fastpitch players.

Fastpitch Reviews

Deep Dive

Over the years, we’ve compiled some interesting takes and data sets on bats. Tracking the MLB and NCAA games as well as insights on what hitters are using around the country. We consistently update our blog, but here are some of our most read.

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